About Us

Who We Are
Bricks + Mortar Group is a real estate development company that specializes in the cannabis industry. We procure property with upside potential, and reposition it through various value add strategies. Our extensive collection of cannabis-related real estate data, innovative strategies, and laser focus on the niche market has kept us in an industry position that few can match.
Our team has closed over 125 cannabis related transactions in Michigan, and that number keeps climbing. With extensive experience in the Michigan market, you can be confident that our team has the knowledge, data, and expertise needed to be successful in this niche industry.
Founded in 2015 as a real estate investment firm and rebranded in 2017 to focus exclusively on cannabis zoned real estate, we were the first cannabis real estate brokerage in Michigan. Despite the market changes and regulatory roller coasters, we have continuously thrived.
100% Women Owned & Operated
The founder and CEO of Bricks + Mortar Group is a woman, and most of our key staff are women as well. As an under represented group in the commercial real estate space, we are extra motivated to outperform the competition every single day. We strive to be the best in the space, and our operational excellence will speak for itself. Did you know: Only 11% of commercial real estate brokers are female
Michigan Locals
Our CEO was born in Escanaba, raised in Detroit Metro, and graduated from University of Michigan. It doesn’t get much more local than that. All of our team members live in Michigan, which puts us boots on the ground watching market shifts. We are able to act on changes in the industry before anybody else, allowing us to minimize risk and spot opportunities early.
Our internal team is small, effective, and very efficient. Implementing lean strategies throughout our operation and outsourcing non-core tasks has allowed us to remain agile and rapidly scale. By keeping our business streamlined, incorporating technology, and implementing strict processes, we have maintained stability through several market disruptions, including Covid shutdowns.
Our Main Office
Why Work With Bricks + Mortar?

When you work with an agent from Bricks + Mortar Group, you are working with an expert who understands the cannabis real estate industry. There are many challenges specific to marijuana related transactions that will need to be navigated throughout the deal. Does your agent have experience in all of the areas that will be needed? 

Municipal Permitting

Each Michigan city has different regulations that are constantly changing. Our agents have experience navigating municipal processes. At Bricks + Mortar Group we have a broad database of continually updated municipality information, including local marijuana ordinances. Our agents are also experienced in permitting Green Zone properties before selling, which will allow both buyers and sellers to increase the value of their property.

Zoning Requirements

Similar to municipal permitting, our Green Zone Certified agents are familiar with municipality zoning. This includes buffer limits from churches, schools, daycares, and more. Certified agents are the best choice to ensure a property qualifies and lies within a Green Zone.

Specialty Building Requirements

Marijuana facilities have many requirements, which vary widely between business types. For example; indoor cultivation facilities require high ceilings, heavy power, and more, while outdoor cultivation facilities have completely different requirements. Our Green Zone agents can ensure a property meets and exceeds all standards needed for a specific facility type.

Unique Contract Negotiation Items

Bricks + Mortar Group’s Green Zone agents are experienced in ensuring reasonable time for due diligence, municipal permitting, and marijuana facility permit transfers. A traditional real estate agent likely does not have experience in this line of work.

Industry-Specific Client Network

While traditional agents may have a couple people in their network who are in the cannabis industry, Green Zone Certified agents have thousands of cannabis industry contacts. Your property will be presented to clients who are looking for a location exactly like yours, which means a higher sale price, as well as a faster closing!

Access to Market Data

Our Green Zone Certified agents have access to information from a verifiable database of Michigan cannabis real estate transactions. This allows them to properly evaluate and price your property. Property values vary from municipality to municipality. depending on many factors. These include local permitting policies, availability of other green zoned property, and comparable sales prices. Only Green Zone Certified agents in the State of Michigan have a pricing model that accurately reflects these items.

Deal Management

Cannabis-related transactions have unique challenges. Most title companies refuse to handle them. Closing agents and escrow companies won’t touch them. Most appraisers don’t understand the marijuana industry, and banks refuse to loan. Our Green Zone Certified Agents are well-versed in navigating these challenges, and will ensure a smooth transaction.

As you can see, there are many factors that can impact a real estate deal in Michigan’s cannabis industry. For a smooth transaction, earlier closing date, and the best sale price, Bricks + Mortar Group's Green Zone Certified Agents are the obvious choice due to their extensive knowledge and experience in the industry.